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218.Joint actions

Joint actions are a way of working favoured by competitiveness clusters and offering benefits to their members, especially SMEs. Often implemented at a regional level, they benefit from public funding which reduces the cost of the services offered to companies. Since its creation, Elastopole has implemented or participated in five joint actions.

Actions and programmes currently being conducted

ACCEIP - Joint action for eco-innovative design in polymers

Initiatives, both private and institutional, are converging and becoming more common in their inclusion of the environment right at the product design stage.

However, this style of approach is not restricted to large groups and may even enable SMEs to develop their reputation, their competitiveness and their profits.

Elastopole is proposing a new joint initiative : ACCEIP or joint action for eco-innovative design in polymers. 

  • ACCEIP formulas

Services offered via ACCEIP are subsidised by between 50 and 70% of their cost by ADEME, the environment and energy control agency.
Elastopole has selected a service provider, the consultancy EcoMundo, to guide companies through individual assistance and joint meetings.
Three formulas are available, depending on your needs and wherever you are located.

Download the description of the three ACCEIP formulas

  • The programme

Experts from EcoMundo available to you to put together a project that suits your needs.
A close partnership with your staff to adapt ACCEIP’s support to your strategic issues and your time scales.
Training and access to innovative tools to suit your range of products and services, and made available in such a way that you can adapt the approach yourself to other projects.

  • Key figures on companies undertaking an eco-design approach :
  • 86% increase their profit,
  • 90% have a margin comparable or higher than a traditional product.
  • Progress

Since September 2013, six companies have started ACCEIP support. They give the reasons that convinced them to adopt the programme :

Kick-off meetings on site made it possible to define an exact specification according to each SME’s needs. To pool the feedback of information, information sheets will be put on line on the Elastopole and EcoMundo sites during the first three months of 2014.

  • Contact and registration

For more information or to register, please contact :

Elastopole : / 02 28 44 36 65
EcoMundo : / 01 83 64 20 50

Download the ACCEIP commitment contract.

C2D in Ile de France, guided by CETIM

Objective : To support the work done by companies on their facilities, process or products, limit their environmental impact at source, optimise their energy consumption and make use of eco-technologies.

The results of previous joint actions

OVERREACH, Centre and Auvergne

Elastopole guided two joint actions to support SMEs in adopting European REACH legislation (Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) managed by EChA (the European Chemical Agency).

These two operations benefited from state funding in the regions, the European regional development fund (ERDF) and the regional authorities for Centre and Auvergne.

Two organisations provided Elastopole with support : IFOCA and LRCCP.

  • Results

1. The tools deployed for the rubber sector

Creation of two training programmes to meet the needs of industrial companies

Training programme 1 : To understand REACH requirements and prepare for their implementation.

Training programme 2 : Issues in REACH, CLP and FDS regulations for the rubber industry.

If you would like to find out about Elastopole training, please contact : Natacha Olivier

Three bibliographical studies

The ETU substitution study

The TMTD substitution study

The DPG substitution study

Carrying out TMTD and ETU substitution studies : formulation test

Producing a methodological guide : Methodological approach to be adopted to deal with the substitution problem

Order form to receive these documents.

2. individual support for SMEs, to assist them in the use of substitute substances in their product formulations.

3. For Elastopole members, the creation of a database of chemicals used in the elastomers industry, accessible via the web site area reserved for Cluster members. 

  • Account

ERDF film shot at the company, Spencer Moulton.

SME rubber challenge (DEFI PME Caoutchouc)

Objective : To assist SMEs in the rubber industry to develop their multiple skills management practices and promote trades within the rubber industry.

Operation run by Elastopole on a national scale in partnership with two trade associations, SNCP, (the national rubber and polymers association) and UCAPLAST.

This operation received funding from the state from DGCIS (general directorate for competitiveness for industry and the service sector), the state in the Centre region (Pole 3E DIRECCTE Centre) as part of manpower resources development and AGEFOS PME, branch joint commission for collective training.

This project was supported by : Cartesa Lyon


PASS’ Caoutchouc

Joint training programmes for companies in the rubber sector and their employees. Programme run by AGEFOS PME Centre and co-funded by the state and the regional authority for the Centre region.

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