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Accreditation procedure

The awarding of Elastopole accreditation is based on the opinion of its Projects Committee, made up of experts from the world of business and research and subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Accreditation procedure

  1. Requests for accreditation must be submitted to the competitiveness cluster at least one month prior to the anticipated deadline for notification of accreditation.
  2. Prior to application, Elastopole will offer the project consortium the benefit of the technical expertise of a member of its scientific council, which the consortium is free to accept or decline.
  3. The Cluster’s project coordinators support the consortium in putting together the various elements to be submitted to the projects committee for the purpose of achieving accreditation. For confidentiality reasons, project owners may require that the content of their project is not submitted to one or more committee members.
  4. The project committee examines the consortium’s proposal in the presence of the projects coordinator ; the Cluster’s team then issues a summary report.
  5. Upon the recommendation of its chairman, the Cluster’s office decides to award accreditation based on the project committee’s report. The decision is then advised to the consortium by letter.

Download the list of members of the scientific council and members of the projects committee.

Project progress and support from Elastopole

If the project has obtained Elastopole accreditation, the project coordinators assist the consortium in presenting their project to relevant sources of funding.

During the operational start-up of a project, the competitiveness cluster is involved in the various monitoring stages, in order, on the one hand, to assess the relevance of the results obtained with regard to the sector’s needs and, on the other hand, to assist the consortium in identifying potential markets and/or accessing them, to industrialise and derive commercial benefit from the innovations resulting from the R&D work done.

Remuneration for engineering and project management work

It was decided by the Cluster’s general meeting held on 25 November 2010 to make a charge against project owners of a contribution to part-cover the cost of engineering and project management work done by the Cluster.

Typical case

For projects whose engineering is done by Elastopole (case no. 1) :

  • Requires an overall contribution of 5% of the net subsidies received by each partner as remuneration for the project engineering work done by the Cluster.
  • This sum is included in the project funding plan and may therefore be subsidised.
  • It is received by the Cluster in the form of :
    • a set amount advance of 1000 euros plus VAT paid by each partner involved which must also be a member of the Cluster at the moment the project is given the go-ahead.
    • if it is successful, pro rata and according to the income received by the partners. The set amount advance is then deducted from the balance of the subsidy due on completion of the project.

For projects which are simply accredited or co-accredited by Elastopole (case no. 2) :

  • A single set amount contribution of €2,000 is required for each project submitted for accreditation, by way of remuneration for the Cluster’s contribution to the project and its engineering. This contribution is made by the project owner.

ANR projects

for projects submitted to the ANR, the engineering costs are €2,000. They will only be invoiced if the project is adopted by the ANR (decision by the Cluster’s administrative council, dated 16 May 2013.

Download the information sheet on remuneration for project engineering.

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